We are your one stop resource

Moving or rightsizing is never easy, and the older you get, the harder it becomes. A Nu Start NY offers a full spectrum of services aimed at making the transition to a new home, or the organizing of your current home, as stress free as possible.

  • Planning
  • Verified Resources
  • Floor Plans
  • Home Sale Strategies
  • Possession Organizing
  • Moving Inventory & Supervision
  • Divorce Distribution & Inventory
  • Unwanted Item Distribution
  • Disposal & Cleanout
  • Unpacking
  • Custom Closets
  • Kitchen Set-Up
  • Rightsizing
  • Electronics Hook-up

Current home services

It takes a lot to prepare for a major move when it comes to all the possessions a family accumulates in the course of a lifetime. The current home services we offer make this phase of the transition smooth and effortless. We also offer cleanout services.


There is always a lot to do after arriving in your new location. Sometimes more than one person can do alone. We provide the advice, planning and services to finish a job – whether the move is in the same town or one that might have been started thousands of miles away.


As your number one move management resource, we will sit with you and your family and work to determine the best possible way to organize and complete this move, suggesting and coordinating the services that will be needed and the timeframe for the completed move.


The actual move itself involves more than just piling boxes on a truck. A Nu Start NY helps coordinate all the elements of a major move for busy professionals, seniors, young families. We are proud members of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and are prepared to help you through this time.

Professionally Trained Staff

Our professionally trained managers, organizers and packers will work hands-on with you through every step of the process.